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Meeting 14 (2015-06-29) - Orientation

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Welcome to "WhatEvery1Says"


June 29th RA Orientation Meeting


This Project Development Site:



  • Time sheets (& monthly/biweekly due dates)
  • Calendar of possible July-August workshop schedule dates
  • Log-in instructions on Transcriptions & CRC workstations or "WE1S" user (and the WE1S development environment on the workstations)
  • Collection manifest form
  • Instructions for scraping articles from the New York Times


Preliminary Logistics:

  • Available RA work for summer
  • Available RA work for fall/winter/spring 2-15-16
  • Time sheets (& monthly/biweekly due dates for time sheets)
  • Scheduling of data collection runs in July-Aug.


(1) Introduction to 4Humanities "WhatEvery1Says" (WE1S) Project


(2) July-August Collection Runs 

  • Schedule and Staging of Workshop Days:
    • See handout of WE1S Workshop Date Options
  • How the Workstations in Transcriptions and the CRC are set up for work by the "WE1S" user
  • Demo of What's Involved
  • Agenda for first collection run (shared work on New York Times)
  • To-dos
    • Familiarize yourself with the project and take a look at the NY Times workflow
    • Familiarize yourself with path/folder organization for storing working data and output data on Google Drive for NY Times
    • Familiarize yourself with the Collection manifest form








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