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Planning Document for Student Involvement

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 9 years, 4 months ago

Initial Planning Ideas


  • Ideas from Priscilla Leung (email of Nov. 25, 2013):

    Following up with the 4Humanities honors idea, this is the link to the course honors contract: http://www.duels.ucsb.edu/honors/curriculum/contracts

    It's supposed to be taken as a supplement for an upper division course (e.g. English 149) as opposed to applying it as a small honors course itself. So mentioning this to students taking classes taught by yourself, Rita, Jeremy, or other IHC instructors might be of interest. Note: there is a deadline for the contract submission itself for L&S.

    Another option would be making it a 2-4 unit 199RA course (which is also considered an honors "course"). Students would be expected to do 4-8 hours of work per week. EBBA is currently doing this with their project and so far has been very successful with recruitments. EBBA accepts around six students/quarter and offers both two and four unit options.







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