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Meeting (2019-06-16) - Summer Research Camp, Week 3, Day 2

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Meeting Date:       16 July 2019

Meeting Location: DAHC (Digital Arts & Humanities Commons) (directions)

Meeting Zoom:     We'll use Alan's "instant" Zoom ID (our default meeting Zoom):  https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/760-021-1662



0. Preliminary Business

  • TBD 


1. Morning Briefing


Agenda for today

  • Morning 
    • AM teams continue working
  • Afternoon 
    • AM teams continue working if needed
    • PM teams planning meeting 




2. Morning Session


  • AM team work 



3. PM Session


Afternoon briefing

  • Old vs. new model comparison 


Workplan for the afternoon:

  • brief AM team meetings
  • longer PM team meetings      






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