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Meeting (2019-07-01) - Summer Research Camp Orientation - Day 1

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 3 years, 8 months ago


Meeting Time:       1 July 2019, 10am-1pm & 2-4pm (Pacific)

Meeting Location: DAHC (Digital Arts & Humanities Commons) (directions)

Meeting Zoom:     We'll use Alan's "instant" Zoom ID (our default meeting Zoom):  https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/760-021-1662



0. Preliminary Business




1. Workplan & schedule for summer


  • Schedule of activities
    • Orientation week (July 1, 2, 3) 
    • Regular weekly schedule
    • Capstone conference (August 2) 




2. Agenda for today (Orientation Day 1)


  • AM Session (10am-1pm)
    • Orientation and status-of-project presentations by PIs
    • Formation of AM and PM teams
  • PM Session (2-4pm)
    • Initial AM & PM team meetings
  • Social Event (approx. at 4:30 pm): carpool to the bar at Beachside Cafe (map)



3. Orientation and status-of-project presentations by PIs




4. Formation of AM & PM teams (Team Dashboard)




5. Initial team planning meetings


  • Meetings of AM teams
    • Discuss team coordination and logistics
    • Discuss, revise, expand on research questions
    • Discuss sequencing of questions
    • Discuss materials (represented by topic models) to explore 
  • Meetings of PM teams
    • Discuss goals and activities




Agenda for Orientation Day 2


Tuesday (Orientation Day 2) 


  • AM
    • Topic Model Observatory hands-on workshop
    • Interpretation protocol hands-on workshop
  • PM
    • Team meetings (continued)







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