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Meeting (2019-04-12) Comparison Corpus Meeting

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Meeting Time:       Friday, April 12, 1 pm

Meeting Location: Faculty Exploratory, 3rd floor library



0. Preliminary Business


  • April timesheets due to me April 18  


Purpose of today's meeting 

  • Report on ongoing classification experiments
  • Classification check-in 
  • Discuss all-hands meeting 



1. Ongoing classification experiments






2. Check in about ongoing classification work



  • Questions? Difficulties? 



3. Discussion of all-hands meeting today


  • How the meeting will work 
  • Questions we are meant to consider before the meeting:
    • What have you already completed? 
    • What do you need to accomplish prior to the summer research camp? 
    • What ongoing work do you need to do to answer your group's research questions?   





Planning for Future Meetings

  • Final UM team meeting, Friday, April 26, 2:00 pm
  • Possible all-hands meeting on Thursday, April 25? 







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