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Meeting - PIs (2018-04-25)

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Meeting Time: 4/25/18 - 12:30 pm (Pacific) 



Purpose of today's meeting

  • Planning for upcoming activities and events.


1. April to June Activities


  • C-Hackers team meeting to plan collection work -- when is a good date?
    • Prioritize sources to collect
    • Strategize how many sources and to collect in each stage 
    • Stage collecting work by groups of sources and years 
  • Collection and topic modeling rehearsal --when is a good date? 




3. Summer Research Camps

(original planning document for summer camps)


  • Number of UCSB RAs to accept:
    • 10 veterans plus 6 new RAs? Plus 4 alternates? 
    • (Google sheet for applications) (Alan's document with possible selections) 
  • Goals (question: same goals at UCSB & CSUN?)
    • Collection
    • Topic modeling
    • Analysis of topic models
    • Advanced work on topic models (clustering, longitudinal, etc.)
    • Reports on various subjects
    • Advocacy planning
    • CSUN:
      • Theoretical spin?
      • OCR collection work? 
      • two computer scientists working on Manifest system 
      • design work (public web site)
      • topic modeling tasks 
  • Team structure (question: same team structure at UCSB & CSUN?)
    • four to five teams at UCSB focused separately on above goals
  • Orientation & Advisory Board Meeting
    • Is CSUN joining UCSB summer camp participants in person or over Zoom? 
  • Work schedule: Monday through Thursdays
    • 3 hours each morning working in teams?
    • 2 hours each afternoon in common or cross-team/cross-campus meetings?
    • Can we afford catering for lunch? 
  • Logistics
    • Available venues for UCSB camps:
      • Transcriptions center
      • DAHC
      • new room in Music Building across from DAHC (not yet fully furnished) 




4. Advisory Board Meeting


  • Google Drive folder of planning documents and sheets
  • Need for reminder to Board members to make travel plans and email the Faculty Club Guest House 
    • Our special arrangement with Katherine Bode (honorarium to be used for travel from Australia) 
  • Venue for meetings:
    • UCSB Library Instructional and Training room (Room 1312)?
  • Meals
    • Dinners on Aug. 3 and 4
      • Inquire with restaurants about whether they can take a group of about 16-18 on those nights
        • First try in order: Jane (the one in Goleta), Outpost (in Goodland hotel, Goleta), Ca Dario (the one in Goleta), Opal (downtown)
      • Ask if restaurant can do a set meal and inquire about price
      • Look for cheaper restaurant scenario where we could invite the RAs also for one of the nights?
    • Breakfasts on Aug. 3 and 4
    • Lunch on Aug. 3 and 4
  • Travel logistics







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