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Meeting (2017-11-30)

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Meeting Zoom URL: https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/259194848

  • PIs: Alan Liu; co-PIs: Jeremy Douglass, Scott Kleinman, Lindsay Thomas


  • UCSB RAs:
    • Rebecca Baker (English)
    • Nazanin Keynejad (Comp. Lit.)
    • Somak Mukherjee (English) -- Winter 
    • Giorgina Paiella (English)
    • Aili Peeker (English)
    • Jamal Russell (English)
    • Tyler Shoemaker (English)
    • Xiuhe Zhang (Film/Media) 
  • [Word embedding workflow team in formation] 
  •  U. Miami RAs:
    • Samina Ali (English, U. Miami)
    • Tarika Sankar (English, U. Miami)
    • Annie Schmalstig (English, U. Miami)
  •  CSUN RA: Sandra Fernandez 

Next meeting (?):  



Purpose of today's meeting

  • Touching bases on our current task of entering candidate sources (and metadata about them) in the WE1S Corpus Collection List (informally referred to as our "data sheet")


1. Administrative Issues



2. Database Sheets/Forms For Corpus Collection Scoping Work 


 WE1S Corpus Collection Form

WE1S Corpus Collection List Form  

WE1S Corpus Collection List (current) WE1S  Corpus Collection List   
  Deprecated version of corpus collection list  
Trello Board for current tasks  
Areas of focus Areas of Focus  



3. Status Reports on Current  & Future Work
     (and suggestions/observations about the forms, metadata, and workflow)

     Trello Board for current tasks. Areas of Focus for future or ongoing tasks. 


     In order of the cards on the Trello board:

  • Tarika Sankar 
  • Tyler Shoemaker
  • Rebecca Baker
  • Samina Ali
  • Giorgina Paiella
  • Annie Schmalstig
  • Naz Keynejad
  • Aili Peeker 
  • Jamal Russell
  • Xiuhe Zhang




4. Where We Are


  • Cumulative status as of last night:
    • 149 total entries in the WE1S Corpus Collection List (up from about 60ish at our last meeting)
    • about 85 or so more "unclaimed" titles from the old data sheet that still need entering into the new data sheet
  • Status of work on remaining items in the old data sheet:
    • (from Lindsay): "[would] work on entering metadata for titles listed on the old data sheet ... proceed more quickly if we assigned a small group of the RA's to focus only on that task? ... Or is entering that metadata more of a back-burner task, and so it doesn't matter that it's proceeding a bit more slowly?"
  • Ongoing Areas of Focus 



5. Next Steps


  • Continuing current task of suggesting candidate sources for the WE1S corpus and researching metadata for them
  • Assessing "representativeness" of our cumulative list.
    • When would be a feasible and productive time to have a "representativeness" assessment meeting?
    • What would be best practice for conducting the assessment? (E.g., assign individual RAs and/or faculty to reporting on particular facets of our cumulative list)?
  • Initial trial runs of searching/downloading from sources and entering them for processing in the WE1S Manifest & Virtual Workspace Manager system.






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