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Meeting (2017-11-14)

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  • PIs: Alan Liu; co-PIs: Jeremy Douglass, Scott Kleinman, Lindsay Thomas


  • UCSB RAs:
    • Rebecca Baker (English)
    • Nazanin Keynejad (Comp. Lit.)
    • Somak Mukherjee (English) -- Winter 
    • Giorgina Paiella (English)
    • Aili Peeker (English)
    • Jamal Russell (English)
    • Tyler Shoemaker (English)
    • Xiuhe Zhang (Film/Media) 
  • [Word embedding workflow team in formation] 
  •  U. Miami RAs:
    • Samina Ali (English, U. Miami)
    • Tarika Sankar (English, U. Miami)
    • Annie Schmalstig (English, U. Miami)
  •  CSUN RA: Sandra Fernandez 

Next meeting (?): Next RA meeting:

 Tuesday Nov. 28th at 12:20? 




Purpose of today's meeting

  • Familiarize RAs with workflow for the current stage of work: finishing our "scoping project" by entering candidate sources in the WE1S Corpus Collection List (informally referred to as our "data sheet")


1. Administrative Issues

  • Kronos timekeeping system (and emails of hours during transition to Kronos)
  • Copyright assignment forms
  • Ryver for team collaboration
  • Trello board for team tasks 
  • Workshop on Markdown/Github now moved to Dec. 12th, noon?



2. Project Sites 


  • (See sidebar of this PBworks site)




    3. The Current Stage of Project Work: Scoping the WE1S Corpus




    4. Next steps

    • RAs to report in Ryver ("All Hands" forum) as they make progress or have questions
    • Next RA meeting: Tuesday Nov. 28th at 12:20? 






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