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UM Meeting (2017-11-07)

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Next meeting: Tues, Nov 14?, 3:30 pm -- Whole team meeting

Timesheets to Lindsay by Sunday night, Nov 12


Purpose of today's meeting


1. Ongoing tasks


  • Project announcements
    •  UCSB RA hiring process
    • First technical workshop (Markdown and Github): Friday, Dec 8 at 4 pm EST 


  • Ongoing tasks
    •  Magazines: "news magazine" rather than circulation/ranking numbers
    • Data entry using Google form (posted on Ryver)





2. Adding new sources to WE1S Corpus Collection list



  • What we need to do: 
    •  Organize WE1S Corpus Collection List
      • Alphabetize
      • Colors:
        • All title cells should be blue.
        • EXCEPT: Title cells that contain sources for which you have gathered data, but you don't know how/where to find them (i.e., which database to use, if they are stored in a database, etc), should be colored red.
        • "Completed" rows: title bolded.  
    • Determine which areas of focus from the areas of focus page are represented in the Corpus Collection list as it is now
    • Determine which areas of focus still need representation on the corpus collection list 





  • Samina will organize the WE1S Corpus Collection List (see above for details; also, standardize the "The" title issue)
  • Annie will create a new spreadsheet in the Data Sheet for WE1S Sources collections of sheets called "Areas of Focus Cross-Reference"
    • 3 columns: Area of focus, Number of sources (rough estimate), Notes 
  • Annie and Tarika will split up areas of focus listed on Assignments for Finding Individual Sources to Add to WE1S Corpus Collection List (split US sources and World sources; investigate US sources first)
    • Annie and Tarika will investigate the existing sources on the WE1S Corpus Collection List and see what areas of focus are well-covered, and which need work
    • They will tabulate results in the spreadsheet Annie will make 
  • Lindsay will copy completed entries from WE1S Corpus Collection List to sheet linked to Google form.
  • Everyone will send Lindsay links of documents/sheets that should go in our "Links to get us started" post in Ryver (which we are now using as a kind of links repository). 
  • Continue metadata entry using the Google form.







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