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Meeting (2017-10-16)

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Next meeting: Oct 30, 12:30 pm, Library room 305


Timesheet submission: due Oct 24


DH IRG meet and greet reception, Friday, Oct 20, 2:30-4:00 pm, Library 305



Purpose of today's meeting



1. More info and ongoing tasks 


  • Project announcements:
    • IP agreement 
    • Press releases about project 
    • Lindsay to give lightning talk about WE1S at UM CCS Dec 1 
    • Hiring of UCSB grad RA's
    • 2-yr postdoc positions
    • Whole team meeting to go through data collection workflow
    • Technical workshops
      • First one: Github and Markdown (early next semester?)  
    • Tentative: PI's to visit UM in spring semester for team meeting and workshop


  • More details about project
    • Grant proposal: posted on Ryver
      • Also see shorter version of this proposal on public website
    • Research methods and workflow
    • Technical methods  
    • 3-year timeline
    • Expected outcomes 



  • Questions/Issues?





2. Magazine ranking data and Corpus Collection List








  • Samina will research subscription figures: are they print and/or digital numbers? Does it vary by publication? What about Amazon subscription metrics?
  • Lindsay will find answers to these questions:
  • Three-tiered tasks for next two weeks:
    • Top priority: Complete Impact Factor/Combined Rankings sheet for magazines
      • Tarika will create 3 new columns for Wikipedia (Magazine), Gazette Review, and HuffPost circulation rankings lists. Make sure to include the "MAX" value in the Weighted Score section of the spreadsheet (Lindsay will fill in the WEIGHT values).
      • Tarika will transfer top 25? publications from the spreadsheet she made (of magazines NOT already included on the Impact Factor sheet) to the Impact Factor/Combined Rankings sheet and fill in values
      • Annie will fill in Weighted Score values (instructions for how to do this posted on Ryver)
      • Samina will transfer Wikipedia rankings info to new column Tarika creates 
      • Everyone will fill out values on this data sheet: If anyone finishes their tasks, please chip in with others so that we can complete work on the  Impact Factor/Combined Rankings sheet by our next meeting. Please let Lindsay know if there are problems with the sheet.
    • Second priority: Take top 25 publications from Impact Factor/Combined Rankings sheet and use them to fill out the UM team candidate sources data sheet.
      • Need volunteer: to highlight any publications that are classified as "news magazines" (as opposed to "lifestyle magazines") listed on the Impact Factor/Combined Rankings sheet AND the UM team candidate sources -- highlight cell that contains title of publication in red? 
      • Lindsay will examine sheet before our next meeting and start to fill in holes (i.e., listing magazines that are high-value targets for us regardless of their circulation numbers).
    • Third priority: WE1S Corpus Collection list Google form
      • Use Corpus Collection List data sheet to start filling in metadata about sources we know we want to collect.  
        • Once you complete an entry for a particular source, make sure to mark that source as "complete" on the Corpus Collection List data sheet by turning its title cell blue and bolding the title. 
      • Lindsay will focus on this task; if you complete your work for the next two weeks and you still have hours you would like to work, please join in! 





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