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Meeting (2017-10-02)

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Next meeting: Monday, Oct 16 at 1:05 pm in Library 305.


Purpose of today's meeting

  • Intro information
  • Adding magazine ranking data to spreadsheet
  • Project website



1. Information about the project


  • Intro to project
    • What WE1S is
    • PI's, UCSB grad team
    • Summer work/current state of the project 
      • Research reports
      • Data sheets 
    • Project planning and communication


  •  Grant info
    • Timeline and activities 
    • Logistics
      • Hours/week 
      • How you get paid 
    • IP agreement statement 


  • Fall 2017 activities 
    • Immediate tasks:
      • Magazine ranking info
        • WE1S Newspaper Ranking data sheet
        • Data sheet for WE1S Sources
      • Public website
    • Other tasks (later on in semester):
      • Finalizing data sheet for WE1S sources
      • Collecting data
        • Combined UCSB/UM RA meeting sometime in Nov? to go over workflow for collecting data 





2. Public website



  • What we need to do 
    • High priority: Images 
      • From Jeremy: "It might also be nice to task a student with spending a little while picking up some image assets for the site -- such as creative commons / copyleft / public domain photographs of stacks and piles of newspapers / magazines, up-close shots of newsprint pages, images of web browsers / mobile devices with news articles loaded on them, relevant clip art that illustrates concepts in the space, etc."
    • Opening blurb for "Home" page
    • Additional blog
    • Additional resources
    • Contact page 
    • Who can sign on to this? 





3. Magazine rankings








  • Annie will find images we can use on our public site and upload them (and a document with source links) to our shared Google drive folder.
    • Lindsay will continue working on language for the public site and populating pages. 
  • Samina and Tarika will begin work on the magazine ranking data sheet:
    • Samina will collate results from the News Canon Results sheet and input this information into the Impact Factor/Combined Newspaper Rankings sheet.
    • Tarika will collate these results against circulation ranking lists (links in Ryver) and add any other publications that have been missed to the Impact Factor/Combined Newspaper Rankings sheet.
    • Tarika will create a new, shared spreadsheet in our Google drive folder containing the titles of all of the magazine publications listed in the various circulation ranking lists Sage has given us links to.
  • Samina and Annie will also start assisting Tarika when/if they are able. 
  • Lindsay will create a shared spreadsheet of candidate sources for inclusion in the WE1S corpus (here that is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WSTkC-KOS0r0fr-ehVWEF2i6rhxrE8rTvhd87iBvnI4/edit#gid=0)
    • We will start adding potential titles for inclusion on this list as time allows. 








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