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Meeting (2017-09-22)

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 6 years, 8 months ago

 Meeting Outcomes:

(jump to notebook added after meeting at bottom of page)








Next meeting:  Whole-team meeting Friday Oct. 6th, 3 pm (?)


Purpose of today's meeting

  • Discuss launch tasks for the grant


1. Grant and Budget Administration

(current arrangement as understood after Alan's meetings with Lauren and David)


  • Coordination between agencies at UCSB:
    • Alan to set up coordination meeting between Lauren at IHC and David at SASC (English)
    • Alan is coordinating with OR
    • Alan is coordinating with the library about Greg's salary 
    • Alan needs to initiate coordination with Public Relations office 
    • Lauren to serve as first contact point for requests 
      • New IHC Grants & Contracts coordinator: Courtney Richardson 
  • Budget: IHC will administer the budget, serving as the control point for disbursement and reporting.
    • UCSB:
      • Funding flow to UCSB:
        • Mellon --> Office of Research
        • IHC sets up project in GUS 
      • Funding flow to departments
        • Salaries and benefits for Liu, Douglass, Janee
          • to be Initiated by Alan's request in email to Lauren
          • Alan to work out exact pay arrangement for Greg at the library and send request to Lauren 
        • Salaries and benefits for GSR 
          • to be Initiated by Alan's request in email to Lauren 
        • Course buyouts to English Dept. for Liu and Douglass
          • to be initiated by English request through Alan to Lauren? 
      • RAs
        • IHC will set up RAs in payroll system and Kronos
      • Purchase and reimbursement process / Travel reimbursement process
        • Handled through three options
          • reimbursement form (can use English Dept's) -- no preapproval needed
          • travel reimbursement form (can use English Dept's) -- must fill out before trip
          • purchase order through Lauren
          • Flex card 
      • Reporting:
        • Reporting to PI
          • GUS will generate automatic monthly reports for Alan 
        • Annual budget reports for Mellon 
          • IHC will prepare 
    • Subgrantees
      • Funding flow to subgrantees:
      • Reporting process for subgrantees 
  • Personnel Hiring 
    • Hiring of postdoc/lecturers to be administered by English Dept. Academic Personnel Coordinator
      • Alan to ask Susan (IHC) if IHC has office space 
    • GSRs, and RAs to be administered by English Dept. graduate staff advisor and graduate advisor
  • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright assignment forms to be administered by ? 




2. Postdoc/Lecturer Search


  • Search Timeline
    • Search Plan Apprvoal: Once submitted, 2-3 weeks for review and approval. Once approved, the ads can be placed and the Search Plan cannot be edited or amended.
      • Goes through 6 approving authorities: Department Chair, Diversity Office, Dean’s Analyst, HFA Dean, Academic Personnel, Academic Personnel Director
    • Open Recruitment:
      • minimum of 2 weeks but will want to keep it open longer, maybe 6-8 weeks?
      • Placing ads, sending out email notices of job opening (must maintain records and proof of ads for Search Report)
      • Initial Review, Selection Process, and Interviews: up to search committee
    • Selecting Candidates:
      • Must update all applicants status in UC Recruit (meets or does not meet basic qualification, interviewed, proposed candidate, hired)
      • Add disposition reasons for those who were not selected
      • Provide information on how the search was conducted
      • Provide interview material
      • Upload proof of ads
      • Submit Search Report: 2-3 weeks for review and approval. Goes through 4 approving authorities:  1. Department Chair, Diversity Office, Dean’s Analyst, Dean
    • Appointment Process (two different title codes with different pay rate and pay schedules).  Must allocate enough time for appointments to be prepared, reviewed and approved.
      • Postdoc Appointment Packet – This must be submitted and approved first. Initial appointment for 1-year at 100%. Prepared by dept, reviewed by Academic Personnel, approved by AVC.
      • Lecturer Appointment Packet(s) – prepared by the dept the candidate is teaching in, reviewed by College AP Analyst, approved by Associate Dean in College (deadlines for forms to be submitted to College: Fall – Aug 1, Winter – Nov 1, Spring – Feb 1)
      • Postdoc Appt is then reduced accordingly to accommodate lecturer appointment(s), this may be a quarter-by-quarter basis. Reduction in time requires dept to submit an “Appointment Modification” form which needs to be reviewed and approved.
    • Important things to note
      • Communication between home department where postdoc appt resides and other departments who are handling the lecturer appointments. Important info such as salary rate and percentage for lecturer appt.
      • These hybrid positions are new and although possible, do take a lot of time and effort to execute because we’re putting together two positions that have a lot of administrative differences.
      • Visa implications for candidates
  • Draft job ad: (shared by Alan via email)
  • Search Committee
    • members
    • interviewing process 



3. Academic-year GSRs & RAs


  • UCSB
    • GSR - budgeted for:
      • 9 months (F,W,Summer in Year 1)
      • 12 months in each Years 2 and 3
    • Academic year RAs - budgeted for:
      • 3 grad/undergrad RAs (300 hours each at $25.50/hr) during academic year
      • 3 computer programmer grad/undergrad RAs (total 97 hours each at $24/hr) 
        • RAs for Manifest system and Virtual Workspace system?
        • RAs for advanced research technical work (e.g., word embedding)? 
        • RAs interested in being trained? 
    • Recruitment process? 
  • UM  
    • GSR - budgeted for:
      • Spring semester in Year 1
      • Fall & Spring semesters in each of Years 2 and 3 
    • Academic year RAs - budgeted for:
      • 3 grad RAs (300 hours each at $15.00/hr)



4. Advisory Board & Conference


  • Prioritize candidate list
  • Recruit board members
  • Organize end-of-Year-1 advisory board meeting
    • timed in June to kick off summer research camp?
    • allow participation by Zoom?


  • Candidates for Advisory Board in our proposal:
    • Mark Algee-Hewitt (Stanford U., English, Director of Stanford Literary Lab)
    • David Bamman (School of Information, UC Berkeley)
    • Ryan Cordell  (Northeastern U., English, PI of NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant, “Uncovering Reprinting Networks in Nineteenth-Century American Newspapers,” core faculty of NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks) 
    • Amy Earhart (Texas A & M, English, co-PI of TAMU's Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture)
    • Gabrielle Foreman (University of Delaware, Black American Studies & History, Director of Colored Conventions: Bringing Nineteenth-Century Black Organizing to Digital Life project)
    • Andrew Goldstone (Rutgers U., English, creator of dfr-browser topic modeling interface)
    • Ryan Heuser (Stanford U., English, Ph.D. candidate and former Associate Director for Research of the Stanford Literary Lab)
    • Laura Mandell (Texas A & M, Director of TAMU's Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture)
    • Trevor Muñoz (University of Maryland, College Park, Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research, Associate Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities [MITH])
    • Lisa Nakamura (U. Michigan, American Culture, Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies)
    • Safiya Umoja Noble (UCLA, Information Studies)
    • Élika Ortega (Northeastern University, Cultures, Societies & Global Studies; member of Global Outlook::Digital Humanities executive committee)
    • Andrew Piper (McGill U., English, Director of .txtLAB, Editor of Cultural Analytics)
    • Benjamin M. Schmidt (Northeastern U., History, core faculty of NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks)
    • Richard Jean So (U. Chicago, English; Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture; PI of grant for “Computational Approaches to American Literature”)
    • Robert B. Townsend (Director, Washington Office of American Academy of Arts and Sciences; co-developer of Humanities Indicators; former Deputy Director of American Historical Association)
    • Ted Underwood (U. Illinois, Urbana-Champagne, English, Information Sciences) 



5. PI Travel


  • Visiting each others' campuses? 



6. Hardware Purchases 


7. Summer Research Camps


  • Need separate meeting to plan these? 



8. Publicity


  • Campus announcements
  • Public-facing Web site 





Meeting Minutes

Tasks Coming Out of This Meeting:



  • Alan:
    • Revise postdoc/lecturer job ad and ask Lindsay, Scott, Jeremy to revise further
    • Set up Advisory Board candidates in a Google Doc for revision by Lindsay, Scott, Jeremy
    • Initiate publicicity work with UCSB public relations office 
    • Put out call for GSR's and RAs 
    • Coordinate with Lindsay, Scott, Jeremy on Winter visit to U. Miami 
  • Lindsay
    • Tinker with job ad for GSR's 


Ideas that came out of the meeting:

  • How to structure and manage the academic year RAs:
    • Provide for technical learning path for all RAs if they desire, on model of specific RAs being given responsibility for particular parts of our platform or work (e.g., managing the virtual workspace, editing manifests, working with topic models, etc.)
    • Run tech workshops 
    • PIs to conduct a rehearsal of search / download / scraping collection process. Then PIs will run a workshop for the RAs to standardize procedure on the collection process. 
  • Ideas about the summer research camps:
    • Create a shared platform for collecting and displaying RA work (as in Jeremy's static-site model for his summer 2017 Arnhold Undergrad Research group) 
    • RAs to be charged with:
      • collection work
      • creating reports, analyses, recommendations etc.  









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