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Meeting -- Scoping Summit Meeting (2017-07-27)

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 6 years, 9 months ago

 Meeting Outcomes:

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SpotlightScoping Paradigm Research Reports


Source Research Project

  •  ongoing 

Next meeting:

Source Research Summit meeting next week (Th Aug 3 or F Aug 4)?

Or wait for week of Aug. 14th?


Technical tasks that are increasing in importance:

  • Site for public-facing content (see email hread between Alan & Scott: "Setting up for a public-facing WE1S site")
  • Manifest system forms


Purpose of today's meeting

  • Harvest scoping selection criteria and recommendations from the research reports; and discuss their priority and interrelations.
  • Create initial plan for scope of the WE1S corpus.


1. Scoping Strategy Discussion

  • Whiteboard (Google presentation slides)
    • Slide 0 Prior Considerations --
      Basic ways a “representative” WE1S corpus will still need to be non-representative
    • Slide 1: Scoping criteria (“registers,” “strata,” “channels”)
       for a “representative” corpus
    • Slide 2: Categories of Sources to be Collected



2. Mapping and Tracking the WE1S Corpus Scope

  • What is a good way to map out our collection targets and track the way they individually and cumulatively fulfill our criteria for "representativeness"? (We should consider how such a mapping/tracking method could in future feed public-facing content and also data analytics--e.g., integration with Manifest system)
    • Near-term convenient solutions:
      • Spreadsheet with extra columns for criteria?
      • Database?
      • Omeka? 
    • Long-term solution: As part of a general data and metadata storehouse for WE1S --
  • Can we imagine making a metric of value for inclusion in the WE1S corpus based, for example, on some formula expressing a combination of criteria? 



3. Source Research Project (source research project home page)

  • Data Sheet for WE1S Sources (Google spreadsheet) -- (Note to curators of data sheet: need to download as Excel sheet periodically for backup)
  • Task A
    • RAs to be assigned as lead researchers for each existing source in the Data Sheet for WE1S Sources.
      • Besides filling out the columns in the data sheet, the lead researcher for each source should produce a sample search results page and, if the licensing terms of the source allow, save it in the "Sample Search Results From Sources" folder (linked as a persistent link if possible; or copied onto a page or as a PDF or something).
    • But all RAs are asked to familiarize themselves with the following, clearly important sources (list may grow):
      • LexisNexis
      • ProQuest
    • All RAs are also asked to keep their eye out for new sources during the course of their research (to be reported to Task B team or investigated directly)
  • Task B (supervised by Lindsay) + Alanna + Jamal
    • Two RAs to be assigned to work with Lindsay on finding other sources (not necessarily just databases) we haven't thought of yet. For example, the task group could canvass library resources, peruse bibliographies of research in relevant fields, etc. The task group would discuss/brainstorm possible sources; collate/combine sources; and then add the new sources to the existing data sheet.
  • Timeline:
    • Source research to proceed during rest of July into early August
    • Summit meeting on sources in first week of August?
    • Then, using the results of our scoping and source research projects together, we will in August begin producing the actual list of publications for WE1S to collect.
  • Teddy's counts of sources in LexisNexis: LNAUSA_A_to_Z.csv













Meeting Outcomes


  • Giorgina's excellent, detailed minutes of this meeting are online in Ryver as an attachment here.
  • Main break-out tasks that emerged from this meeting:
    • Alan to create a page where our group can suggest the kinds of research questions we think we would like WE1S's expanded corpus to allow us to address. We will prioritize these questions, and use them to guide us in prioritizing what materials our expanded corpus must include.
    • Sage & Ryan to study and use "lists" of journalism sources we already know about to draft a suggested top sources for us to gather.
    • Alan to consult with colleagues in the Communication Dept. to see if there are existing lists (representative, most impactful, etc.) of journalistic resources.
    • Alanna to consult with subject librarians for the same purpose
    • Teddy to think about how to implement a way of tracking selection criteria for particular sources that would allow us to "score" them for inclusion in our corpus.
    • Sage & Ryan to use the data sheet as a means of modeling our corpus. (Probably best use a separate sheet of individual sources for this purpose, rather than reorganize the existing sheet of databases as Alan had mistakenly suggested during the meeting).
      • To begin with, as an empty "wire frame" for a corpus model, we can create a separate band of rows in the sheet for each kind of source (e.g., newspaper, magazine, online publication, etc.)
      • Then we can begin adding particular candidate sources, using whatever means Teddy comes up with the track they way they match our various selection criteria.
      • Later, we can score the candidate sources based on the criteria they match and review the balance of the overall corpus. 





































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