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WE1S Research Reports

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 6 years, 10 months ago


Research reports listed here were produced by the WE1S team and research assistants to support the ongoing work of the project. Many of these reports investigate issues that either bear specifically on intellectual or practical problems faced by the project or contribute to thinking through one of the project's more general issues.


Defining the "Scope" of  the WE1S Corpus

(WE1S reports on paradigms of "representativeness")


  • "The Canon Paradigm" (Giorgina Paella, 12 July 2017) — HTML | PDF
  • "The Corpus Linguistics Paradigm" (Teddy Roland, 18 July 2017) — HTML | PDF
  • "The Media Impact Paradigm" (Ryan Leach, 23 July 2017) — HTML |  PDF
  • "The Newspaper Studies Paradigm" (Sage Gerson, 22 July 2017) — HTML | PDF







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