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Meeting (2017-06-16)

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 Meeting Outcomes:

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Summer 2017 RAs

  • Alanna Bartolini
  • Sage Gerson
  • Ryan Leach
  • Giorgina Paiella
  • Teddy Roland
  • Jamal Russell


Logistics for Our Summer Work

  • Alan's combined funding from Academic Senate grants for 2016-17 and 2017-18, plus bridge fund of $3,000 from HFA = approx.  $12,600. This is enough to cover projected (# summer RAs)  x  (# weeks individual RAs indicated they would like to work) x (up to about 20 hours average per week, or less depending on RA's desired work time) x $15.50/hr.
  • Summer Work schedule:  
    • Period 1: June 16 to June 30
    • Period 2 (roughly Summer A): July  
    • Period 3: (roughly Summer B): August to early Sept. 
  • Paperwork for being paid and timesheets
  • Team collaboration tools


Main summer RA tasks

  • Scoping Project (assisting Lindsay and Alan in research for strategizing corpus expansion)
  • Source Research Project (exploring database and other sources)
    • Periods 2 and 3
    • Output: reports on various sources
  • Harvesting Research Project (investigate methods of searching/downloading/scraping materials in coordination with technical work on WE1S ingest system)
    • Period 3
    • Output: recipes for harvesting; trial collections of sample materials
  • Word Embedding Feasibility Study Project (Teddy to do initial exploration of using word2vec for WE1S.)


Main Outcomes Desired by End of Summer

  • Detailed list (priority ordered or sequentially staged) of target sources for the upcoming, expanded phase of WE1S (prioritized)
  • Outline for future rationale statement of the criteria used to determine the representativeness and usefulness of chosen sources.
  • Sample list of articles to use in testing (to ingest into the WE1S workflow); and a trial collection run.



Scoping Project (Strategizing Corpus Expansion)



Planning for Future Meetings

  • Next RAs meeting: next week, or July 5-7?
  • Notes from today's meeting for Lindsay and other WE1S principals










Meeting Outcomes (current to-do's in red)

  • Next RA meeting: July 5, 6, or 7 (Alan to send out Doodle poll)
  • Creating public page for WE1S
    • Alanna to start on this.
    • Team to send Alanna suggestions of overview pages of other projects to look at.
    • Alan to send Alanna current version of WE1S grant proposal)
  • Research reports on scoping paradigms:
    • (See Scoping Project Home Page for RA assignments)
    • Alan to create template for research reports on WE1S PBWorks site.
    • RAs to create their research reports on the WE1S PBWorks site.
    • RAs to give updates on their research at next meeting in early July.
  • Ingest system & Virtual Workspace Manager Work:
    • Jeremy to meet with Teddy (& possibly Jamal) in mid summer to plan for work on ingest of materials into the WVirtual Workspace Manager.
    • Jeremy to create timeline outline of tasks for Virtual Workspace Manager development


































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