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Developer Task Assignments (Topic Modeling)

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Date begun/ ended Developer Description of Experiment and Results
Sept 15, 2015 - Alan Liu Topic models of NY Times 2002-6 "humanities", and NY Times 2010-14 "humanities" (the five years before and after the Great Recession).
October  14, 2015 Ashley C and Zach H  Topic models of 1980s discourse about the humanities versus 1990s discourse about the humanities 
January 2016 - Lindsay T  Topic models of NY Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, 2002-6 "humanities" & "liberal arts", and the same for 2010-14 
January 2016 - Scott K
Topic models of NY Times, LA Times, and The Guardian, 2013-2014 "humanities", "liberal arts", & "arts" (for the The Guardian)



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