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Meeting 22 (2015-09-23)

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--Next meeting (when Alan is back): Friday, Oct. 2nd 2 pm PST


1. Status of WE1S Google Drive


  • Current status of the Google Drive corpus
    • Any issues?
    • Jeremy is on stand-by if we have questions for him 
  • New policies for WE1S working method:
    • Work on Google Drive only while logged in as the 4humwe1s@gmail.com user
      • Either work only in browser version of Google Drive while logged in as 4humwe1s, 
      • Or work on the local-client version of Google Drive (syncing with the online Google Drive) while logged in as a separate 4humwe1s user on your local machine (which will thus have a separate local Google Drive folder set up for that user)
    • Whenever we create a Google spreadsheet (such as our master sheets), Google doc, or any other native Google file, we must at the end of a job also save a duplicate of the file in another format.  Thus, for example, we should save a duplicate of a Google sheet as an Excel file.  (This is because native Google documents only appear to be normal files when we access them on our local machines. In fact they are only bookmarked pointers. Backup jobs do not save the actual files.) 


2. Status Reports on Scraping Work



3. Transitioning from the Project from Summer to Academic Year Work

Alan to Skype for meetings from New Zealand during his Fulbright, Oct. 16 to Nov. 28 (working around time differences and his travel); then Alan will be out of contact Nov. 29 to Dec. 18 until he returns to Santa Barbara)


  • RAships
    • Continuing (and new?) RA's in Fall 2015 who have 50% support or less: I think this is just Ashley?
    • RA work in Winter 2016?
  • Anticipated tasks in Fall:
    • Scraping of journalism (continued) 
    • Assorted tasks related to preparing the corpus for topic modeling and conducting topic modeling



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